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ISO 9001 certification
Costs saved on jobs advertising
Provision of quality accommodation and transport
Reliable source of workers
Liability insurance
Low turnover of workers provided
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Staff for your operations
We can find you employees with specific qualifications, such as a manager, a technician or even a manual worker, within a couple days. If he or she doesn’t work out during the trial period, we’ll get a replacement - no extra charge.
A reliable source of employees
Savings on the costs of advertising and sorting applicants
One contact person, who handles everything for you
Supply of first workers within 5 days
Practical example:A company had been unsuccessfully looking for a technologist for a year. Advertising did not help and, when a candidate did get in touch, they lacked the necessary qualifications. That’s why they turned to us.
Solution: We clarified the expectations, first checked our internal database, and then launched targeted marketing. We interviewed suitable candidates, filtered out unsuitable ones and selected the final candidate. Within 1 month, the company had its long-sought employee.
Agency employment
Agency employees save your company time and money, and increase flexibility! When you get more business, you hire them, and when you have an unexpected downturn, you simply let them go.
A reliable source of employees
Savings on the costs of advertising and sorting applicants
One contact person, who handles everything for you
Arrangement of accommodation and any transport
Supply of first workers within 5 days
Ability to terminate workers within 5 days
No administrative work with staff
Practical example:A factory in the automotive sector had production fluctuations that it needed to respond to quickly. All it took was one phone call to tell us what kind of people they needed and how many.
Solution: We activated the database, started advertising and arranged the workers within 10 days. If the client experiences a downturn, it will terminate their relationship with them within a few days at no additional cost.
Crisis production assurance
Machines unexpectedly stop working, several workers fall ill at the same time and you can’t keep up? Our experienced team will arrive within 24 hours. Alternatively, we can carry out the work in our own premises around Prague and in Slovakia. We can assemble mechanical or electrical modules for cars, as well as make-up sets. Our coordinators will set up efficient processes and quickly adapt to your requirements.
A reliable source of employees
Savings on the costs of advertising and sorting applicants
One contact person, who handles everything for you
Arrangement of accommodation and any transport
Provision of a team within 24 hours
Option of ending the service within 24 hours
No administrative work with staff
Practical example:A company that manufactures products for the construction industry had an accident on part of a new automatic production line.
Solution: Within a few hours, part of our team had started work, so as not to interrupt production. Within 48 hours, 20 of our workers, under the guidance of our managers, replaced the automatic production line with manual production.
Interim management
Do you need an experienced person for a few months? We can provide you with an HR specialist, a high-quality production manager or a quality manager! Our people have years of experience in their fields and will quickly adapt and implement the necessary changes in a new company. In a short time, they can move your company forward! A contract does not tie your hands, meaning that if you find a full-time employee for a position, our person will leave within 3 days. Our experienced staff can handle a variety of exceptional situations, as well as training juniors.
Provision of know-how to your company
Gaining experience for your workers
Out-of-the-box view of your company
Flexibility to change the length and intensity of cooperation
Practical example:An HR manager left a company and the management needed to quickly find an experienced person to lead the junior HR team in the interim.
Solution: Within a week, we provided an experienced manager who quickly adapted and moved the necessary tasks forward. When the company found a full-time employee, he handed the workload over to him.
External HR department
Don’t have the capacity for extensive recruitment or employment work? We will provide you with:
- Selected services from HR marketing to payroll;
- We will arrange help according to your needs: for example, 1 person part-time or 3 people for a few hours a month;
- If you want, we can also arrange the transfer of know-how so that you can handle the activities yourselves over time.
Flexible help for HR department
Cost savings compared to core employees
Variable intensity of cooperation
Practical example:A company in the electronics industry needed help recruiting people to join their core workforce.
Solution: We agreed on the work to be done and “lent” them two experienced HR specialists for 20 hours a month. They sorted candidates by CV, planned and conducted interviews and took the whole process through to signing contracts with suitable candidates.
Consulting, HR audit
We can advise you on how to reduce turnover or set up contracts correctly. Audit to reduce high turnover, salary conditions, psychodiagnostics of candidates and audit to manage cooperation with all agencies.
Provision of know-how to your company
Out-of-the-box view of your company
Cost reduction, increase in your company’s efficiency
Audit to reduce high turnover:We will take a look at your recruitment process, working conditions, interview employees and evaluate everything in the context of your location. During an audit, we will advise you on how to reduce turnover, how to get satisfied employees and our experienced quality manager will suggest technical solutions for changing workflows.

Salary audit:We will map the financial evaluation of your employees, compare it with your competitors and you will get an overview of how you are doing in terms of salaries, benefits, bonuses/maluses - and we will suggest ways to adjust salary conditions

Psychodiagnostics for applicants:In cooperation with our psychologist, you first specify the requirements for a new employee. The psychologist then interviews the candidate in person, applies a set of tests and assesses whether the candidate is suitable for the job.

Audit and management of cooperation with all agencies:We’ll walk you through the ecosystem of your cooperation with other recruitment agencies and advise you on how to set up your processes optimally. We can work for you as a coordinator with all employment agencies. We will take over the work, ensure that everything is done according to the law and that there are no legal risks - you will only have one project manager for all agency employment issues.

Benefits of cooperation

Why do companies from the automotive, mechanical engineering and electronics industries like working with us?
You make a call and things start moving, even at the weekend.
Just give us a call and we will immediately start searching our database of workers for you, start recruiting, interviewing, arranging accommodation and transport. We also actively advertise on our social networks. We are even able to handle assignments that may at first seem very difficult or even unsolvable very quickly.
We filter out problematic employees up front.
Thanks to the careful and professional selection of our specialists, each person passes through a narrow selection process. We use your time efficiently and you get high-quality people with the experience you need.
You can communicate with agency workers.
We supply companies with Czechs and Slovaks, although they can also be Hungarians, Poles, Romanians or Ukrainians. Worried about the language barrier? With us, you don’t have to. If there is a risk that you will not be able to communicate with the employees, we will provide an interpreter on site to explain everything to them.
We take care of our employees, we have very low turnover.
We pride ourselves on our professional and human approach to taking care of our employees. We provide high-quality accommodation (at least in double rooms), pay weekly advances, provide transport and help them with various life situations. As a result, we have low turnover and you don’t have to train new workers.
The documents are legally in order and the sort of standard documents you are familiar with.
Thanks to our digital employment agency, you have access to a clear information system. You will find all employment contracts, assignment agreements, medical certificates and other documents there. We do not burden you with unnecessary paperwork. We work lege artis, in compliance with the law. Our employees have all the necessary permits and stamps. All employment law documentation is in accordance with the law and we make sure that you can easily understand the contracts or statements. You’ll have an overview of all the essentials.
We hold an ISO 9001 quality certificate.
We have liability insurance for damages up to CZK 10 million.
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